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  • Tracking something enables you to manage something. Managing leads to improvement to achieve new heights.
  • You cannot manage what you do not measure!

Why Logity?

In early 2014 our 18 month-old started suffering from febrile seizures. It wasn't what you would imagine when you hear the word seizure but it was one of the scariest experiences of our lives. He was walking down the hall playing with his brothers when he went completely limp and collapsed to the floor. For almost 10 minutes he was unresponsive and was as limp as an over cooked noodle.

On the way to the ER he slowly started to come to his senses, but the staff said there was nothing wrong except for a bit of an elevated temperature. When I mentioned a seizure (based on my google searches), they shrugged it off because he hadn't convulsed during his episode. That is until he seized again in the ER, this time shaking uncontrollably.

To make a long story a bit shorter, each and every time he has an elevated temperature he has the potential to seize. The only preventative measure is to religiously track his temperature and manage any increase as best we can.

Upon this foundation of tracking, Logity was started…


How it works

1. Create an Entity
2. Pick a Category
3. Start Tracking.
It's that simple!


[person, place or thing]

Manage anything. From kids to cars, houses to companies... whoever or whatever you'd like.

category structure

[what to measure]

Track anything. From temperature to jumping jacks, hours worked to caffeine drank... logity can track it.


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